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Sindy energy enterprise culture
Innovation is the soul of a nation's progress, innovation is the source of an enterprise everlasting. We actively promote a culture of innovation, and through a variety of incentives to encourage employees to break the old thinking, aggressive, positive action, continuous innovation, continuous improvement.
The responsibility does not divide size, regardless of the degree. The responsibility not only means giving, it means a bear.
Sincerity and trust, sincere reputation. Enterprise and each member to adhere to the correct values, internal and external, the adult of yourself.
Performance oriented
We insist on results oriented, work center of gravity is always in improving performance, achieve the goal and the output results. We are willing to provide easy platform for employees' value, let employee learn to self motivation, active search for performance problems and opportunities for improvement, performance measures, so as to realize the self management, the ultimate and enterprise to share the fruits of development.
Enterprise philosophy: respect and return each and every partner, self achievement, showing the value;
Enterprise faith: true, robust, passion, breakthrough;
Enterprise spirit: hard, initiative, cooperation, win-win;
Corporate goals: do China most creative energy equipment enterprises;
Company policy: training talents, providing products and services to create the benefit of efficiency, quality of life..

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