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Zhongshan Sindy Energy & Environmental Equipment Co., Ltd. is a limited liability company set up by Zhongshan Public Utilities Science and Technology Co., Ltd. (stock code 000685) investment, the company registered capital of 60 million yuan, is located in Zhongshan National Torch High Technology Industry Development areas. The company's strategic development goals for the research, development class "living environment of high-tech systems integration" means the necessary environment for a variety of equipment manufacturing Habitat, a comfortable living environment to fully meet the high standards of the health and safety requirements.

Chinese engineering company hired chief scientist in the field of thermal physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences as a business than a technology consultant with the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Tsinghua University and other institutions to work closely together to provide strong backing for the enterprise continuous innovation. Has won ten national patents, including one for the national invention patent. Products are included in the national "Torch Plan", won the national government special SME Technology Innovation Fund.

The company set up branches and offices across the country, covering user southern, central, east, north, southwest, northwest, northeast major regional markets, has a strong sales network, established from the company and its technical service center to the branch office complete aftermarket system's technical service department offices.

Decision-making and management personnel young, energetic, enterprising and ambitious, a higher level of knowledge, which accounted for 7% of doctorate, master's degree, 20%, 67% of undergraduate education, professional competence and ability to operate. Company stressed that "people-oriented, teamwork, struggle and innovation, the pursuit of excellence" spirit of enterprise, adhere to the "credibility first, customer first" open markets, the company will continue to put quality products, perfect service and customer loyalty and dedication to society.
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